Plant a Living Tribute

​​​Trees are symbolic of strength and enduring love. Hospice of the Western Reserve now invites donors to plant trees in memory and celebration of the life of someone significant.

Destination areas within the gardens at David Simpson Hospice House and Ames Family Hospice House are now designated as Tribute Groves. Each tree planted in each Tribute Grove will be a living expression of the lasting bond between loved ones.

A tree is also a lasting gift to all patients and families who will need residential hospice care in the future. As they mature, they will beautify the gardens, provide shelter, and help feed wildlife.
Donors are asked to choose between tree size and corresponding donation level. Little & Wells, the organization’s gardeners, will choose the specific variety, and ensure that it is the healthiest specimen available. A Tribute Grove plaque will recognize all those whose lives are celebrated within. Individual plaques can be installed in some locations.


Tribute Tree Selection

tree1.jpgApex Trees are the longest living and slowest growing trees; they form the
canopy of the forest. We will choose a locally grown, 1½”-to-2” caliper tree from among four desirable native species of Beech, Oak, Maple, and Tulip.
Gift Level–$2,000 

Secondary Trees create layers of color and volume. These trees are often at their best when little else is on display. Our favorites include Dogwood, Redbud, and upright Japanese Maple.
Gift Level–$1,500

tree2.jpgTertiary Trees include species that are valued as ornamentals and food sources for wildlife. They prefer the dappled light and shade of the woodland garden and include Dwarf Crabapples, Witch Hazel, and Magnolia.
Gift Level–$1,000

​​Hospice of th​​e Western Reserve respects our donors and does not sell, trade or share our donors’ personal information with anyone else. Hospice of the Western Reserve does not send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. Every precaution is taken to protect your privacy.

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