​Hospice and Palliative Care Explained

We assist those who have chronic or serious illnesses, no matter the stage or the complexity of help needed. We support caregivers who can feel overwhelmed and comfort those who are grieving a loss.

Hospice care is about taking control so that each moment of every day is the best that it can possibly be. It is comfort-focused care that includes pain and symptom management and emotional and spiritual support. The circle of care also extends to caregivers and loved ones. With the emphasis on comfort rather than cure, loved ones are able to spend time simply being together. Pain is reduced. Anxiety is relieved. For caregivers, the stress of caring for someone with a serious illness is diminished by having a team of compassionate professionals by your side.

Palliative care is specialized care for those who have chronic or serious illness, but not necessarily for those facing end-of-life issues. It includes pain and symptom management and support for patients and families. At Hospice of the Western Reserve - for those who do not qualify for hospice - palliative care is delivered through a program called Western Reserve Navigator. This program is also a pathway to many other helpful resources.

Through our hospice and palliative care services, we care for patients of all ages wherever they live. Illnesses our patients face may be manageable for years with the right medication, therapies and nutrition. Or they may be acute and difficult to manage without significant help. Sometimes an individual will begin receiving palliative care and enter hospice care much later.

Hospice and palliative medicine is a medical specialty, so it's important to compare health care providers and to choose wisely. your-needs-explained.jpg

Hospice of the Western Reserve offers your family the region's largest team of certified hospice and palliative care professionals. Many of our nurses have obtained the distinctive credential as a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse (CHPN).

More of our doctors are board certified  in hospice and palliative care than any other hospice program in Northern Ohio. Hospice and palliative care has been our specialty and focus since 1978. And, we have two full-time pharmacists on staff who specialize in meeting the needs of the seriously ill.

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